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The Answerbase Q&A Platform facilitates users being able to ask questions, browse Q&A content, and receive quality answers. Each system comes with administration and moderation tools to manage the Q&A platform and activity.

  • Visitors ask questions and receive quick and effective answers
  • Comprehensive administration and moderation tools
  • Flexible customization and integration capabilities

Configurable for the following uses:

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Each Q&A platform also supports the following tools


Q&A Widgets & Widget Builders

A​nswerbase provides a number of Q&A widgets so you can easily integrate Q&A functionality into your existing website. These widgets allow users to ask questions and receive answers right on your very own pages.

Customizable Responsive Design

​Answerbase supports a customizable responsive design, allowing you to facilitate Q&A interaction for your users whether they’re on their computer, tablet, and mobile phones. The design is customizable to integrate seamlessly with your current site.

Community Q&A Capabilities

​Unleash the true power of the internet by allowing users to contribute their own answers to the questions that are posted, letting the most knowledgeable sources on any subject provide the best possible answers.

Single Sign-­On, Login and Registration

​​Single sign­-on authentication allows for seamless integration with your current login and registration. For sites without login and registration, Answerbase provides that for you including social sign­in through the popular social networks.

Developer API

​​Answerbase has a comprehensive suite of developer APIs, to help you create a Q&A solution that meets your specific needs or allow for more custom integration within your web properties, mobile or tablet applications, or any other number of uses.

Content Moderation & Management Tools

​​E​xtensive content management and moderation tools allow you to easily distribute, review, approve, and manage your Q&A content. Capabilities include new inquiry assignment, reporting tools, spam controls, and all the other features you’d need.

Manage User Accounts & Profile Management Tools

​​​Manage each user account associated with your Q&A platform, including users with question inquiries or your subject matter experts. Your administration site enables you to easily manage their accounts and profiles

Categorization & Tagging

​​​​Answerbase supports both hierarchical categories or tags to classify your content. Regardless of which taxonomy method you choose to support, Answerbase provides you with the management tools to effectively arrange content into useful groups.

Insights & Analytics

​​​ ​Answerbase provides you with valuable insights on trending topics, current content gaps, as well as content quality gaps so you can focus on your audience’s biggest needs and take steps to make sure those needs are met with great content.

On Top of All That, Exceptional Service!

Performance & Scalability

​Answerbase powers Q&A for some of the world’s most respected brands. With the ability to enable features based on your needs, and scale up those features as your activity grows, the Answerbase solution effectively serves companies of any size.

Service & Support

​Answerbase proactively manages the platform and communication with our clients to ensure you’re taken care of and everything is running smoothly. This level of service and support helps ensure that both you and your users have a great experience.
The best way to see if Answerbase is right for you is to Start a Free Trial
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  • No credit card, no contract
  • Kick the tires all you want

We appreciate your excellent service and consider
Answerbase an invaluable tool for our company.

Stephanie Weaver, Pingora Consulting

Proud to be powering Q&A for

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